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Book - Volume IX - Soured on Beer and Given to Claims (Vintage Edition)

Volume IX spans from September 21, 2006 to May 10, 2007. Includes all the standalone strips, plus these story arcs: Magical Realism (featurng Bensington Butters and Lonis Edison), Mister Band, Leon Sumbitches, Rustmouth Chafings, Disguising Gay Porn, Breast Man Club, and Stoned Lightning. Several pieces of original, print-only content. Approximately 156 pages.

Production note: during this period the strips in our story arcs often ran to three, four, even six rows per day. In this volume, the longer story arcs are stitched together as proper self-contained stories, with titles and fins, and skipping the mastheads on individual strips. I find they work pleasingly well this way, and offer a new perspective on the material.


Vintage Edition

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