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Book - Volume VII - Kiss My Ass, Bitch. I'll Be At Duane's (Vintage Edition)

Volume VII contains all strips from August 1, 2005 to December 21, 2005. Book includes the full Cartilage Head series, Jaime the Science Friend, Little Nephew's Honda Civic Suicide Threat, the 2005 visit from Showbiz, and that one where diabetes is not invited to Ray's pizza party. Also includes these rare or print-only features: a hard-ass camping story from Ray and Beef's youth, transcript of Nice Pete's Commencement Address for 2006 High School Graduates, a dirty story from Lyle as told to Vlad and then transcribed by Beef, the collected "Ray's Puzzle Korners" (with new Puzzles). Approximately 144 pages.

Vintage Edition

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